Meet the Fam!


So, we have a lot of animals and I love all of them very much. That’s probably why I’m calling them the fam. ๐Ÿ˜‰ SO without further ado, I introduce the fam!


Daisy: The oldest member of the family. She has to be in her late 20s and has been ridden and carted by all 8 of us. Though she has a mule-ish attitude, she is really a sweet pony.


Apache: This gal has waaaaay too much energy! We never have to call the blacksmith for her- she paces so much that she hasn’t needed her hooves trimmed in years. She isn’t my favorite steed to ride but when approached right, she gives a very smooth and exciting ride.


Dakota: My baby girl! She’s not perfect but she listens to me…..for the most part. She belongs to my oldest sister Jen,but i take care of her a lot since jen works a lot. She has a very bumpy gait so posting is a must with this little lady.

Astride the steeds!

These cuties were only temporary in our family. Kelev and Casey: our foster puppies. Kelev (left) was just placed with her new owner and is a very beautiful seeing eye dog. I do miss her but she is helping someone in need more then I need her. And we must see if Casey will qualify to guide the rest of her life. Casey went back June 7th. She couldn’t complete her seeing eye training because she had bad hips. My mom said no more dogs, so she went up for adoption. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Benelli: Named after a type of gun, she sure lives up to the name. She can shoot off after a cat and once its in her sites, there’s no getting her back. She is such a sweet heart and though she is very protective, she quickly accepts people.


Sookie: This is my baby! Such an angel! I love her and she loves her mommy right back. She was a foster puppy that we were raising for a service dog, but she got to attached to us and She is terrified of strangers, so we adopted her. I wouldn’t be able to live without her. She is an 8 or 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.



Even if she barely fits, Sookie likes jumping in the car to go for a ride and be with her people.


As you can see, she’s really a fun dog that keeps me smiling whenever I see that slap happy grin of hers. (Her eyes are really glowing in this picture from the flash of my camera)


Then there’s the chickens. Ugh…so many chickens! I wouldn’t mind the 20+ feathered creatures if they always looked like the above……..

….but when the start looking like they wanna kill you……



I swear, this rooster would like to put me 6 ft. under! But sadly he just passed away. ๐Ÿ˜”


The hens are really sweet (except when they destroy my garden) but do they really have to scream for the roosters when you pick ’em up? I’m like,”Ladies! Is that really necessary?” ๐Ÿ˜†


This little black eyed beast is a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel puppy, Darcy, belonging to my sister Kimmi. She was a birthday present from my sister Molli. Darcy may look awful cute but she can be a little monster at times. She likes to bite.



This is Darcy when she was so little you could slip her in your pocket.


Well, that’s all of ’em. Except for the pigeons, fish, the numerous cats (Hadley, General,Missy, Butterscotch,Jaime), two rabbits(Dixie and Beth), and the parakeets(Pretty Boy, Chip, Peppy, and Poncho).